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USDA Property Eligibility Checker

Enter the address of the property in the format shown below to generate USDA loan map.

USDA Property Eligibility Map

A new USDA map will be places below as soon as the processing is completed. As this is real time, it takes about 20 secs to generate the map.

Loan map of an USDA eligible property

Note: All the non peach areas in the map are eligible for a USDA home loan.

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USDA Eligibility Checker - FAQs

Here is a list of some common questions asked about the USDA property eligibility map.

USDA loan map separates out urban geographical locations from rural and sub-urban area around major cities. The heavily populated cities are shaded peach on the map, means all these are not eligible for USDA home loan.

If someone wants to get a zero down home loan, USDA map is the starting point of the loan process. The map clearly indicates whether a certain property is in an eligible zone or not.

No, apart from being in an eligible area another strict condition is that the property itself should not be income producing. For example if there is a farm running on the property it will not be eligible for a USDA loan even if it is in an eligible area. On the other hand most single-family houses in eligible area qualify for USDA home loan.

Secondly, there are family income limits in place. Based on where you are planning to purchase, your combined family income cannot exceed the threshold set for your county. This in-directly sets a limit on how big a house you can purchase. For houses that are priced more than 450K it is not possible to get a USDA loan, similarily it is extremely tough to secure loan on a house priced between 400K - 450K.

No, USDA keeps on altering the geographical limits from time to time. Means if a property is currently in an eligible area, over a period of time that locality may no longer be eligible for a USDA home loan. The basis of this is somewhat derived from the population of the sub-urban area, if the population grows beyond a certain limit then USDA takes off that locality from eligible areas. Those who are curently availing USDA morgage will although continue to do so.

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