About CHF

Community Heights Funding is the vision of Mitch McFadden, Michael Green and Prabhat Saini. We originate mortgages, but we are more than a mortgage company. Our belief is that a business run with purpose and, more importantly, with process is one that can change the world for the better. Our mission has been to provide key tools not only for our Loan Officers, but more importantly, for our borrowers and realtors. Our focus is on constant evaluation and revision to our process in the pursuit of an ever smoother and easier loan process for all parties involved.

In order to pull this off, we have to honor our core beliefs:

We don’t want to create great experiences for some customers at the cost of others. We want to operate in a manner that is consistent and repeatable that results in our borrowers and our realtor partners being pleased on ALL of the loans.

We understand that it takes money to pay the bills. But, here at the Heights, we operate under the fundamental belief that work done well will bring the rewards that it deserves. We have been in the mortgage industry for more than 35 years between the two of us, and we have seen what a profit motive can do in regards to the impact on borrowers. Our process-driven approach is designed to provide outstanding, personal service to a much larger number of homeowners and frees us from the game of trying to charge as much as possible on each loan.

When we talk about improvement, we are not just talking about how our loans flow and perform. As the pace of the world continues to speed up, those who are not working on continually improving themselves are being left in the dust. Those who are dedicating themselves to using more and more tools to continue to improve in all areas of their lives are not only making their lives better, but are also making their communities better and slowly, the world stronger.

Community Heights Funding, Inc. – Taking ourselves to new heights and bringing our community along with us.

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